GTA 5 Will Be Free to Download and Keep on the Epic Games Store

GTA 5 free? If the rumours are true, you’ll be cruising the streets of Los Santos on PC tomorrow.
It’s hard to imagine a single person alive today who doesn’t already own GTA 5, but its continued sales success proves otherwise. GTA 5 recently went onto Microsoft’s Game Pass service, but it disappeared just a few short months later. Luckily, it was replaced by the excellent Red Dead Redemption 2.

Why GTA 5 left Game Pass so quickly is anyone’s guess, but the rumours suggest it’ll land on the Epic Games Store for free tomorrow. Once you redeem it, it’s yours to keep.
The free version of GTA 5 will be the Premium Edition, which offers additional content. GTA Online comes free with every version of the game, but this edition will give you a little leg up in the online crimebox. There’s currently a countdown timer on the Epic Games Store, and it looks like this is what it’ll be.

 You’ll be able to see for yourself tomorrow when you can grab GTA 5 free on Epic Games Store. GTA 5 free! What a time to be alive.

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