Foldable iPhone 12 Design Revealed!

We all know that one of the most popular devices today is foldable models. Huawei, Samsung, Xiaomi and almost all smartphone manufacturers are obsessed with foldable devices. While other companies were trying to develop foldable devices, Apple so-called lye lurked. If this technology is too preferred by users, the company will use it. Behind closed doors, Apple is busy developing this technology.

Many people know the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip. For the new foldable concept to be produced by Apple, you first need to know this model well. As you may recall, the Galaxy Z Flip folds vertically, rather than folding from the side like its previous smartphone. This allows these devices to be more comfortable in their pants pockets. There are also fewer problems with the screen as there is vertical folding. That's exactly what the foldable iPhone 12 design can be.

It's time for the iPhone 12 fold concept model's screen features. The most important feature that determines screens on smartphones is usually about notch. If there is no notch or occupies a small section, the screen body ratio can reach almost 100%. In such a case, there are also question marks about where to place the front camera.

There won't be a notch according to the new concept design. Instead, only a small camera space will be placed in the corner. Below we have left the concept iPhone 12 design for you. Don't forget to comment after 🙂

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