GTA Online Players Can Earn Up to $1.7 Million In-Game This Week

Epic Games' GTA 5, which can be bought for free for a limited time last week, has acquired many new players in just one week. These new players have also begun to be available on GTA Online servers.

Now that players are now in the game, the entire focus can be again GTA Online. Online players try various ways to make money. You can make in-game money by doing tasks and looking out for some campaigns. If you are playing GTA Online but are complaining about insufficient money, please note that you can earn a total of up to $1.7 million this week.

Players who did not first log in in May will automatically earn $500,000 when they enter the game. If you've got the game from Epic Games and haven't played the game yet, just enter the game to get this money before May's over. Players who connect your Twitch Prime account with the Rockstar Social Club account will also be paid an additional $200,000. These coins may not be immediately available to your account, this process can usually take a few days due to density.

The rest of the money comes from Daily Objectives. If you complete 10 daily targets by May 27, you can pocket $1 million. This will give you some money that can be spent on good things in your pocket when you just start the game.

You can own a lot of things in GTA Online, but they're usually expensive. Rockstar Games has gone on sale in some of its vehicles for this week. With discounts from 40 percent to 80 percent, you can have some various tools, you can use the money in an advantageous way.

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