How to use facebook avatar in messenger

You can discover how to create your very own animated version of yourself by clicking the link below, otherwise keep reading to discover how to hound your mates in Messenger by spamming stickers of your cartoon self.

You can share your Facebook Avatar by posting it on your wall. In addition, you can also share your Facebook Avatar when replying to comments and other posts.As if all of the above wasn’t enough to join in on the trend, you can also make your cartoon version of yourself your profile picture.The amount of customisation options available when creating your animated representation are definitely extensive as you can pretty much do anything from choosing your skin tone and complexion to your bodyshape and whacky pose.

You can also spend hours playing dress up by obsessing over the number of outfits available to choose from.


You can use your Facebook Avatar in the Messenger app to share stickers of your cartoon likeness in conversations:
  • Open the Messenger app
  • Select the smiley face next to the Type Message Here section
  • Click the purple face icon at the bottom
  • Choose the Facebook Avatar sticker you wish to send
  • While the stickers are somewhat neat as of this moment, they’re longevity probably isn’t great as they’re as innocently inoffensive as can possibly be and thus rather plain.

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