How To Add Free Clock To Blogger Blog - Free Blogger Tutorial

Free Clock Gadget For Blogger

Adding free clock to blogger blog will absolutely make your page beautiful. Blogger has many more customization option to make your blog more attractive for your followers and visitors. Today in free blogger tutorial we will discuss how to add fr clock to your blog. I have received a comment yesterday from one of my blog visitor. He requested to publish a post about clock gadget to add to his new blog.  It is very easy to show clock on your blog. 

add free clock to blogger blog
How To Add Free Clock To Blogger Blog - Free Blogger Tutorial

There are many website that provide HTML codes for free to add clock to your blogger blog. With the help of this gadget you will show your local time to all your visitors and followers. It will also show date on blogger. So come and customize your blogger blog with this simple HTML code and add a free clock to blogger blog.

➽  Visit Time Difference
➽  Select your required Size and Type for clock i.e Small, Medium or Large
➽  Select your Time Zone or Location for which you want to display time and date for your visitors
➽  Copy HTML code
➽  Now go to your blogger dashboard
➽  Select Layout and paste HTML code
➽  Click Save
➽  Refresh your blog and you will see clock gadget on your blogger blog.

free clock gadget

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