iPhone 13's Camera Features Allegedly Leaked

An account called Fudge, which shares remarkable shares about the new iPhone models, shared the camera features of the flagship iPhone models that Apple will announce next year. The leaked information is still very new and the company could change this camera setup in the future, the account said, stressing that Apple will use very powerful cameras on the iPhone 13.

According to the shared image, Apple will continue to use a frame camera setup on the iPhone 13. The fifth sensor to be included in the installation will be located just below the square-shaped camera module. According to his Twitter account, the camera features of the iPhone 13 will be as follows;

  • 64 MP wide-angle camera with 1x optical, 6x digital zoom
  • 64 MP anamorphic camera to use for video shoots
  • Ultra wide-angle camera with 40 MP resolution (reverse zoom support)
  • Optical in 3x-5x range, 40 MP telephoto camera with digital zoom in the 15x-20x range
  • LiDAR 4.0

Some information about the camera features of the iPhone 12, which will be introduced this year, has been leaked. The most remarkable information leaked so far was the future of the iPhone 12 with LiDAR. The new models will also feature a 64 MP wide-angle camera and a telephoto camera with 3x optical zoom.

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