New Apple Watch To Detect Panic Attacks

Jon Prosser once again said that the new Apple Watch smartwatches could detect panic attacks. Detailing the topic on his Geared Up podcast, Prosser said the technology will be made possible with the new blood oxygen sensor that Apple plans to use on its wearable devices.

This isn't the first rumor that Apple will use sensors to detect a variety of diseases, such as panic attacks in smart watches. Earlier, there had been speculation that Apple would have a variety of sensors on its wearable devices for a variety of diseases.

The panic attack detection system in this smart watch will alert its user by detecting a panic or anxiety coming. In this way, the user will be able to perform breathing exercises to control these attacks. The watch will also record all stress-related issues, which will help doctors heal their patients.

Jon Prosser said he expects this feature to come out later this year, but there is a possibility that it will be postponed next year. Prosser said that if this feature works through an oxygen sensor in the blood, it will not be introduced at WWDC (World Developers Conference). If such innovation is used, according to Prosser, it will be introduced in the apple watch series 6 announcement in the fall.

Other features include features that will come with watchOS 7. These include Child mode, where parents can set up the Apple Watch for their children's use. In addition, school time can be cut off from certain applications at the specified time of the day. In addition, sleep tracking is among the new features available to users.

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