New Leaks Reveal of Apple's New Headset

Jon Prosser, known for the leak, made some claims about Apple's next-generation over-the-ear headset. Prosser, who shared his share via his official Twitter account, mentioned the headset's product code, price and name in his tweet.

Apple, which bought Beats Electronics in 2014 and sold headphones on different models under that name, has long been known to be working on an over-ear headset that has been bearing its own brand. Dominating the wireless in-ear headset industry with its already released AirPods models, the company apparently wants to dominate the over-ear headset market along with its new headset.

In this context, new information has emerged about the headphones, which have recently been released concept images by Apple Post. The allegations made by Jon Prosser, known for the leak, suggest that Apple will stick to the AirPods brand in its new headset and call its over-ear headset 'AirPods Studio'.

In addition, he shared a tweet that the new headset will be called B515 codename, Prosser said, claiming that the price of the headset will be $349. In his latest tweet, Apple did not mention the over-the-ear headset's launch date, and earlier in its posts said Apple was aiming for wwdc 2020 for headphones.

Jon Prosser, who has a very successful history of leaks of Apple products, had previously successfully predicted the codes of many different products and expected release dates weeks before the product was introduced. So we can say that these allegations about Apple's new over-the-ear headphones are based on a solid source.

As for what to expect from the headphones, the 2018 note by renowned analyst Ming-Chi Kuo suggested the use of an 'entirely new' design for premium over-the-ear headphones where airpods' wireless features are maintained. At this point, considering pricing, it seems highly likely that we will also see the active noise cancelling feature on the AirPods Pro at AirPods Studio.

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