What Are Off-Page SEO Techniques? Free Blogger Tutorial

What Is Off-Page SEO

Off-Page SEO is termed as Off-Page Search Engine Optimization. Off-Page SEO is not all about link building.There are many Off-Page SEO techniques which take up the ranking of your blog or website in search engines. Many people knows that off-page SEO is only link building for a website but only link building or backlinks is not sufficients. Just like On-Page SEO it is also necessary to have Off-Page SEO too, to rank high in google. Off-Page SEO is something with which a page or website rank may be uplifted high in search engines. All the activities done for high ranking other than on-page SEO is called off-page SEO. On-page SEO are the activities you do on your website to rank high i.e good title, good meta description, URLs and images optimization etc while off-page SEO is something you do outside from your website or blog for high ranks in search engines. Therefore it is complementary to be visible to the world we use some Off-Page SEO techniques.

what is off-page SEO
What Are Off-Page SEO Techniques? Free Blogger Tutorial

Link Building Or Getting Backlinks

Link building or getting backlinks is one of the most difficult aspect of Off-Page SEO. It required plenty of time to make backlinks for your website or blog. We can get backlinks for our website to rank high in google. Link building is the pillar of off-page SEO, so it should be done with great care. We can get relevant backlinks from other site which relevant to our niche. Irrelevant backlinks raise Spam Score of website which is not good for website ranking. We can get backlinks with different methods for our site promotion i.e profile or signup backlinks, comments backlinks, guest blogging, using social media and quality content sharing with regular intervals etc. 

what is link building or backlinks

Guest Blogging for Off-Page SEO

Writing guest posts for relevant niche blogs or websites is very important to get a quality backlink for your blog or website. Where you get a permission for guest post from a site also insert your home page URL or a post URL for link building. The home page URL will increase you DA (Domain Authority) while a post URL will increase your PA (Page Authority). This DA and PA score is from 1 to 100. The higher the score means the site is more trustful. The backlinks from high DA, PA score but low spam score will rank your website in first page of google. Whenever you want to write a guest post keep this thing in mind that the site is high DA, PA but low spam score. 

what is guest blogging

Many high DA, PA websites provide you a backlink for your blog from a signup process. You just create an account with valid email address and in the profile settings section put your home page URL in website box to get backlink. Some sites provide backlink with the help of comments box. Backlinks are of two types i.e Do Follow backlinks and No Follow backlinks. Do follow backlinks are those which tells to google that I recommend this site is authenticated while no follow are those which only provide backlink but don't take any responsibility of site authentication. In the process of link building at least 50, 50 ratio of do follow and no follow backlinks should be maintained. 

Using social media is also play a vast role in getting backlinks for your blog. Some high DA, PA social media sites are facebook, twitter, instagram, pinterest, reddit, Google+ etc. After publishing your fresh post you should always share to these sites for ranking up in search engines. For sites like facebook and twitter etc you may create pages and groups to get high traffic to your website. 

One more factor for backlinks is quality content sharing. Good quality content attract visitors and they also share your content with their fellows and this take up your page rank in google.

Indexed Links

Indexed links in the process of Off-Page SEO are the listed links you want to recognize to google for crawling. If you have a website for your business but google does not know about that then it will not visible to visitors and will not rank in google. Indexing and crawling take place to make known your business to goole. So the process of indexing is to keep your links in database for crawling. This process is carried out with the help of Google Search Console. When you write a fresh post, after publishing copy the URL of post and paste in google search it will not be available to google. After making a request for indexing through search console it will index link and will be available to google after 2 to 3 minutes. Indexing links is very necessary for off-page SEO because now after indexing google is fully familiar about your link.

what is crawling and indexing

Domain Authority and Page Authority (DA, PA)

Domain Authority and Page Authority practice a vast role in off-page SEO. It shows authority of your blog or website. DA shows that what is the authority of your site and PA shows page authority. In short when you want to get a backlink from a site and there you put your home page URL it means you want to increase your domain authority if you put a post URL then you want to increase your page authority. Low DA, PA sites backlinks raise your site Spam Score which leads to poor ranking. Sometimes due to high spam score google fine your site too. Keep in view always get quality backlinks for good DA, PA. For getting a backlink from a site always check the reputation of site where you want to drop your link. 

high DA PA websites

Alexa Ranking

As MOZ rank of a site is from 1 to 10 and DA, PA from 1 to 100 where 1 stands for weak or low and the high number stands for high ranking while Alexa rank is adverse of MOZ rank where a website with Alexa rank 1 is high popularity. Alexa rank is delibrated to count visitors and approximate traffic to a website in past three months. The most visitors in the past three months will decrease the score in digits but actually it will increase the Alexa rank. So alexa rank is going up or down due to off-page SEO

what is alexa rank

Social Share 

If you yourself is not social then what will be your social share participation. Show your availability on social media like facebook, instagram and other sites to improve your off-page SEO. If you have quality content for your visitors then sleep tight it will be shared as on autopilot means by your fellows and this is actually the social share. Engage your visitors to share your links for ranking high in google. The more shares in the social media will grow your website traffic and will spread your voice to the world. Join as many relevant pages and groups for your site shares. Also create group and pages for your business sites too.

social media

Domain Age

Think for a while when we talk about the age of a person, this thing come to our mind that the aged person will have more experience too. Similarly when we talk about a domain age, its means that the reputation will also be high. It will also high traffic, more quality backlinks and high reputation. Its Alexa rank will be close to 1, Moz rank to 10 and DA, PA rank to 100. Your website domain age starts from the day when you register.                                         

Majestic Citation And Trust Flow

Citation Flow

Citation flow shows us how a URL is strong and how many sites are linked. It is all about your backlinks that how many websites are pointing to us and recommend your site.

Trust Flow

Trust flow shows us the reliability and trust of a page and how much honest and reliable sites are linked to it. Sometimes when we make backlinks we ignore the trust flow of a site. We do not check the reputation and spam score of a website and get a backlinks which moz count it as bad quality baclink. This make our spam score high and trust flow low.  Whenever you want to make a backlink check reputation of a site with Website SEO Checker

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