Announcing Pragmata from Capcom, a new Playstation 5

Capcom announced Pragmata at Sony's PlayStation 5 showcase earlier today, a stylish adventure game "set in a dystopian near-future on Earth's moon." The trailer above looks promising: a bulky suited figure wanders a post-disaster Times Square, finds a young girl, and then... floats to the moon.

Pragmata is basically an ancient Greek word and means "truths beyond the mind, theoretical beings". In fact, by word, it's definitely the right choice to describe Capcom's world of science fiction and what's happening around the world. An extraordinary event taking place on Earth in Prague, which looks like an interplanetary game, is moving astronauts, girls and cats to another planet.


In addition to its mystical story, Pragmata stands out for its eye-catching graphics of the PS5. The trailer shows a city that lacks complete people. The astronaut uses a vehicle that looks like a scanner to show off a little girl and her cat. The cat may look like some kind of hologram, but she has a physical form and wants the astronaut to interact with her.

After the first look at the characters, gravity disappears with a massive satellite-like device that crashes into Earth. The astronaut is trying to save the robotic girl as it all rises. The girl appears to be able to control the hardware on the astronaut, but the pair are still drifting into space and eventually looking at Earth from another planet.

Pragmata became the second Capcom game to be exhibited at the PS5 event with resident evil village, the new game of the popular horror series Resident Evil. Capcom is preparing to double the fear and tension in the next generation. As stated in the trailer, the game will come to PS5 in 2022.

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