MacOS Support For Apple's Developer App Developer App

Apple has brought macOS support to the developer app Developer App. Just before WWDC20, which will take place online, the introduction of macOS support delighted many. Developers will be able to make more efficient use of WWDC20 through the app.

Apple has brought macOS operating system support to the developer app Developer App. This means developers will be able to follow Apple's WWDC20 conference online this year from their larger-screen Macs instead of iPads and iPhones. The fact that participants could access everything they needed for the conference from their Macs was greeted with joy by many.

The gratifying news came from Serenity Caldwell, the content editor of the Apple Developer App. Caldwell posted on his Twitter account that the app was coming. Content Editor shared an image of the app with the caption "Psst" and left a link. Thanks to this app, developers also have the opportunity to watch last year's conferences.

Offering a new interface designed for macOS, the app brings the latest news, videos and much more to users. Apple Developer App, which also offers easy access to all the information needed about the conference, makes it very easy to access articles, news, videos and sessions thanks to its interface. In addition, in terms of comfortable use, the reading option was also in place in the application later.

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