New Video From Godfall For PS5 Has Been Shared

With the gaming experience taking to the next level, the playstation 5 is coming to the fore, and the games for the console are becoming clearer. One of the games that will be released for the console, where the veils will be removed on Thursday, is Godfall, which is the developer of Counterplay Games. Today, the game's developer released a video to make gamers even more excited.

Silvermane was emphasized in the trailer, which attracted many attention. As the video shows, Silvermane has been designated as one of the 3 classes players can choose from. Each of these three classes comes into play with valorplate using different Augments. Although it is seen how they affect class personalization, abilities and overall building diversity, other Valorplates will be available in the game.

Those waiting for Godfall's release on Thursday may be a little sad because the new production of Counterplay Games is expected to arrive in the final months of 2020. The game will also take place on the Epic Games Store along with PlayStation 5. There is no explanation yet about the price of the game; It is thought that the price detail will also be revealed shortly before the game is released.

Godfall is handling an interesting story. The story is: The world takes its place in the fantasy world with elements with its own realms such as Fire, Water, Air and Spirit. Since the end of the world is coming soon in the game, you'll have to deal with it. You may need Knight's Order in this challenge. The developer, who introduced Silvermane with this video, may soon uncover other characters with additional introductions.

That's what we know about the game that will be on the shelves in the final months of 2020. We will continue to inform you when the developer releases new videos and removes the cover of other characters.

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