Sony Postpones PlayStation 5 Event InDefinitely for A Meaningful Reason

Japanese tech giant Sony announced that it was delaying the PlayStation 5 launch event, saying " This is not a time to celebrate." Incidents in the United States have been cited as the reason for the postponement.

The recent waters in the United States have not stopped. On May 25, a policeman killed George Floyd, who is suspected of counterfeiting money, by slit his throat for minutes with a knee. After that, he had moved to the country. Nationwide events and protests are continuing.

The technology sector, like the whole world, is closely following the developments. Japanese tech giant Sony announced that it has postponed its recent Launch of the PlayStation 5 due to events.

Sony announced in its announcement that the cause of the postponement of the PlayStation 5 event was "at the moment, this is not a good time for a celebration; It is necessary to allow the hearing of the voices that are more important to stand behind at the moment."

The event will be the first glimpse into the games of the next generation of PlayStation. As it is known, the date of the event was announced as June 4. No date was given for the new event. Sony also shared that it was cooperation to silence violence and racism against African-Americans. This postponement decision was the natural result of the announcement.

Sony's decision to postpone the event is not the first decision in the industry to influence. On Sunday, Electronic Arts had similar behavior. Madden NFL 21, which is expected to take place Sunday, was postponed due to the events.

Events spanning a significant part of the United States are not over yet. According to the attitude of the country's local governments, the progress of events varies from region to region. If events escalate, it seems likely that we will also receive news that other previously planned events have been postponed. It is not known whether Sony will postpone the event again if events do not subside.

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