PhotoRoom app That Removes Background From Photos in Seconds

Removing the background in photos is a challenge to highlight the objects we want. In fact, as details increase, it can turn into a challenging process that can take even photoshop experts' time. Unfortunately, professional programs do not cater to everyday users in methods that require time and effort.

Removing a background from photos makes it much easier thanks to a new mobile app. PhotoRoom's photography app offers a very practical and easy use. The app, published for iOS, managed to get 5 stars from thousands of users. The Android version of the app has not yet been released.

PhotoRoom lets you add another background by quickly removing the background from a photo of your choice. You can also play on the photo you get after you change the background. When you're done editing, you can save the photo and open it in another app.

PhotoRoom co-founder and CEO Matthieu Rouif said, "My vision comes from my time working at GoPro. I had to remove the background from the images, and when the designer was out of the office, I was spending a lot of time doing it manually.," she says. Rouif says the inspiration behind his practices is the difficulties he faces when removing backgrounds.

The app, released for iOS in February, currently has 300,000 monthly active users. Also, if you use it regularly, you can subscribe to the app for $9.49 a month or $46.99 a year to remove the watermark from photos.

Photoshop, which is by far the leader in photo editing, has been in our lives for decades but if you want to use it professionally, you have a lot to learn.

However, PhotoRoom can quickly handle the operations you need to remove the background with a few taps. To download the app, you can find the App Store page here.

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