PUBG 7.3 Update Announced to Bring A New Launchable C4 to The Game

The details of PUBG's update 7.3, which will be released in the coming days, with millions of people playing today, were announced. The PUBG 7.3 update will bring changes to the damage rates of vehicles in the game, as well as bring a newly launched C4 bomb to the game.

PUBG's developer PUBG Corporation today announced that it will release a new update to the game in the coming days. The PUBG 7.3 update will be available to players on the main server a week after it is released to test servers.

Among the changes brought by PUBG's update 7.3, the first noticeable change is the changes to the explosive mechanics of the vehicles used in the game. Vehicles, one of the most important elements of PUBG, are currently falling down when they are damaged. The explosion of the vehicles causes the character inside the vehicle to die.

With update 7.3, this mechanic will change. With the new update, the vehicle will not explode immediately when 0 reaches the condition. When the car's conditioning drops, it stops and starts to burn. Once the vehicle starts to burn, the player will be recognized for 5 seconds to get out of the vehicle. After 5 seconds, the vehicle will explode and the characters in the vehicle will die. While the vehicles will not explode directly after the shooting, sudden explosions from the red zone and C4 will continue to exist.

Besides the correction to the explosion of vehicles, they will no longer suffer as much collision damage as they used to when vehicles are toppled. With update 7.3, vehicles such as Buggy, Taurus, UAZ, Mirado, Van, Rony and Zima will have different damage multipliers. So not all vehicles will see the same damage in collisions.

The launchable C4, which will be added to PUBG with update 7.3, will give players great power thanks to a 25-metre impact radius. The launchable C4 comes in a way that can penetrate the trenches where players are hiding, as well as the large domain.

The launchable C4 won't have a long range. Players will be able to use C4 to intercept their enemies from short distances or remove them from a building. PUBG's new C4 will explode automatically 16 seconds after it is ejected. Once thrown out, c4's explosion will not be cancelled and its early explosion will not be possible. When C4 is activated, a light will light up with the beep sound indicating.

The parachute tracking feature, which was previously introduced with update 6.2 but was removed after a while due to problems, is coming back with update 7.3. Players on the same team will be able to select any teammates to follow before leaving the plane using the tracking feature at the lower left of the screen during the countdown.

After the tracking feature is activated, it can also be canceled. The player using the tracking feature will be able to cancel the feature by pressing the F key long. In the meantime, the tracking feature will be automatically revoked when the player using the tracking feature is plugged into any object.

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