The Ability to Save call to iPhones may come with iOS 14

Apple can integrate call recording into the mobile operating system with the iOS 14 update. According to a new report, iPhone users will be able to record calls on phone and Facetime calls with iOS 14.

Search recording may come with iOS 14, according to it home's report. A screenshot posted shows that an early version of the call recording feature is available in the iOS 14 developer structure.
According to the screenshot above, which is alleged to have been taken from OS 14, the new feature is located in the "Phone and Facetime Calls" section of the audio settings. The call recording feature, which appears to have added to Apple's Settings app, describes "ensuring that all incoming and outgoing calls on this device are saved."

In some countries, search registration may not be legal, and Apple has to identify issues that may arise from the addition of the new feature in advance. The warning on the Settings screen states that only the user is responsible for the call recording and that the legal responsibilities belong to the user. Call recording can be enabled or disabled on demand.

It is possible to record calls with third-party apps on Apple devices, but Apple may also want to offer such a feature internally in the operating system. iOS 14 is expected to arrive in September. Apple is also expected to preview iOS 14 at the Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC), which is scheduled to take place in June.

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