The first pieces of the new Opel Mokka showing the details have arrived

The new Opel Mokka pieces, which continue to provide details from official sources, continue to make a piece of painting more pronounced every day. For the new Opel Mokka, which has been showing off his face through camouflaged visuals for some time, the pulse is rising. This time came the renderdrawings from official sources who continue to share details about the model that we expect to be gradually presented to the European market in the first quarter of next year. The lines of Mokka, which will be a reference on a design basis for the vehicles that will come after itself, will be shaped on the GT X Experimental concept introduced in 2018.

We're starting to see it very clearly in shared details. The new pre-design, dubbed Vizor, is inspired by the first generation of Manta, one of Opel's iconic models. The new generation developed on the Peugeot group's CMP platform is preparing to deliver a noticeably different driving experience than the previous one. Mokka, who is also expected to have a fully electric version, is expected to perform with a range of 330 kilometers and 134 horsepower.

CEO Michael Lohscheller, who made recent remarks about Mokka; "The new Mokka will be one of the most exciting cars in our long history." In the coming days, more detailed parts will be presented with the developments in the model will be at

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