BlackBerry Will Come with New Phones in 2021

Onward Mobility, a US-based mobile security company, announced that it will produce BlackBerry-branded smartphones in 2021. According to the company, these BlackBerry-branded phones will be security-oriented and 5G-powered devices. Other features of these phones are currently unknown.

In a news release we shared with you in early 2020, we mentioned that the smartphone brand "BlackBerry", which has become a legend of an era, has been removed to the dusty shelves of history. TCL, which owns BlackBerry, said in a statement that it would no longer produce a phone with the BlackBerry brand. Now there's been a new development on this. Looks like BlackBerry-branded phones will be back with us in 2021. 

There's a company based in the U.S. that we haven't heard of much. This company, "Onward Mobility", continues to work on the security of mobile devices. When we look at the company's social media accounts and official website, we don't have any detailed information about how long it's been in this sector. However, the company's website is currently full of the BlackBerry brand, and the company declares it will produce a BlackBerry brand in 2021.

BlackBerry was one of the most popular manufacturers before touch-screen phones were released. But the proliferation of touch screens, the fact that iOS and Android ecosystems are becoming a little more popular every day, has made BlackBerry difficult. As such, the company left all of its smartphone operations to TCL. As we just mentioned, TCL announced earlier this year that it would not produce BlackBerry phones.

When we look at Onward Mobility's official website, it is stated that the BlackBerry phones that will appear in 2021 will be security-oriented devices. According to the company's statement, these smartphones will offer users high-level security with a variety of end-to-end encryption features. It is also clearly emphasized on the website that these smartphones will have 5G connectivity support.

In statements by Onward Mobility, we see that 2021 BlackBerry phones will be developed in FIH Mobile collaboration. This company is a joint venture with BlackBerry and Foxconn. However, Onward Mobility says nothing about the technical aspects of these phones.

There are no reports or allegations made about 2021-model BlackBerry phones. Which makes these smartphones more mysterious. However, according to a report on the 9to5Google website, 2021 BlackBerry phones will have a physical keypad. In 2021, a smartphone with a physical keypad will show how it will be welcomed by consumers in the coming days.

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