New API to Reduce App Fraud in IOS 14 from Apple: 'App Attest'

Apple has developed a new API to be used in iOS 14. This API, called App Attest, will improve app security in the ecosystem with iOS 14. Apple says that with this API, developers can verify their applications as a whole.

Us-based tech giant Apple, along with iOS 11, has released an iOS framework called DeviceCheck. DeviceCheck is still actively using apps as a tool that protects them from fraudsters. To improve the security of apps, the company will introduce a new DeviceCheck API on iOS 14. This API, named "App Attest", will slightly improve the level of security in the iOS ecosystem.

Apps in stores such as the App Store or Google Play Store are already taking a variety of security tests. However, malicious audiences can make changes to apps in stores, instrumentaling them for their poor purpose. Here's Apple's new API created to prevent it. Apple aims to reduce the improper use of developer servers with the App Attest API.

According to apple's statements, people with ulterior motives can create tricks for games by making changes to apps, or remove ads from an app. Here's the App Attest API, developed against it. Developers will be able to verify and protect the integrity of their applications through this API in their applications. The security keys to be created with the API will provide significant benefits for developers.

Apple says that no app scams can be fully prevented in its statements. In addition, this API does not work on devices that have already been processed. However, Apple has introduced such an API to help developers. The new API will be in use with iOS 14, the company says.

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