GTA Online Found a Secret UFO Mission (Video)

Grand Theft Auto Online received a Summer Special update earlier this month, adding new cars, co-op missions and a few minor changes to the game. However, according to kotaku, there is a secret mission embedded in this update.

This secret mission included stealing a massive UFO and spaceship fragments. While it is not yet known how to activate this task, a group of data miners used various tools to start the task.

Secret UFO mission at GTA Online

A data miner and mod group, The Game File Gurus was one of the first to find the large UFO model hidden in GTA Online files after the summer update. This new UFO, found by data miners, is visually the same as the old UFO model that has been in gta v and gta online files for years. But this new model was much bigger than before. What led to the search for The Game File Guru stricken this large, new UFO model.

The group found a secret business battle in which a few days of research used the new UFO model. In these tasks, which are located in the open world of GTA Online, materials from various points and groups are taken from various points and taken to a warehouse that must be owned. This makes you experience and make in-game money.

The group tried a variety of tools and tried profusely and misled gta online to activate the mission, recording them. In 2017, The Game Files Gurus was able to activate the secret mission, including an alien egg and an accidental ship. However, according to a group member's statement to Kotaku, it has become much more difficult to activate the new secret mission due to rockstar's change in the way it handles secret missions.

According to a data miner, there was only one variable in game programming before the alien egg mission. However, 40 different online and local commands had to be changed to activate the UFO mission. According to The Game File Gurus, Rockstar is more trying than ever to hide these secret missions from data miners.

On the new UFO mission, players must enter the Fort Zancudo military base outside Los Santos and fight to the hangar of large aircraft. Inside this hangar is the giant UFO the team found. There are also spaceship fragments inside. Players need to collect these pieces and take them to the Omega character.

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