7 Ways to Increase Interactions on Instagram

The number of followers on social media has become the parameter that attracts attention and the interaction rate makes the difference. If increasing the number of interactions is a matter that you are struggling with, these 7 suggestions are for you!

Set the time for your shares.

'The best hour to share on Instagram' is not standard for everyone, take a few experiments and observe interaction levels. Don't ignore instagram statistics on this topic.

Do a hashtag analysis.

Instead of randomly moving forward when using hashtags, use the most popular hashtags related to your industry and the hashtags used by your competitors. You can choose those in medium popularity instead of overly popular hashtags where you share a lot here and therefore your share will disappear in between.

Take advantage of the power of Instagram stories.

Stories are an ideal medium for keeping users in touch with you, more spontaneous and more customizable. You can also use stories and posts of different accounts to take advantage of those content.

Organize sweepstakes.

Both the excitement of the competition and the desire to win something for free are the main reasons for users to interact with you. But keep in mind that these followers won't be permanent unless you offer valuable content to your followers.

Get in touch with your followers.

Click on the profile of the user who started following you and show that you see that person by liking their photos or leaving 'real' comments on their posts and caring for it as part of your community.

Reply to all comments.

If you want your followers to interact with you, you must first show that you have seen all the comments. Answering increases the likelihood that users will comment again in the future.

Correct edit sharing text.

Ask questions, make me laugh, or ask them to fill in the blanks. With your sharing text, you can comfortably return your posts from content to interact ing endeath.

10 types of shares you can try to interact with:

  • Statistics
  • Concise words
  • Behind-the-scenes footage
  • Funny images or videos
  • Current news
  • Your ideas on an up-to-date topic
  • Fill in spaces
  • Request feedback
  • Ask for help
  • Ask questions

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