How To Find And Fix Broken Links In Blogger? 2020

 What are broken links?

All the links which appears and give a message during browsing as; website not found, web page not found or 404 error etc are called broken links.

broken links in blogger
How To Find And Fix Broken Links In Blogger?

What comes in your mind when you talk about word "break or broken" yes you think this word is a sign of negativity because every broken thing is always a harmful and if it's a matter of broken links, these always affects your website SEO directly. Broken links are the links which generate a negative impact to your website visitors. As a blogger or website owner you work hard to write quality content for your followers and visitors and you very beautifully interlink all your articles with each other. Sometimes we try to mention our competitors articles URLs or their blogs main pages. Perhaps in future we delete our articles from our blog and we ignore to permanently remove this link from Google index as well. When we write a post and publish it Google index this post to directory for crawling. Now when someone click on this internal link it will be redirected to a page sending message as 404 page not found or website not found. This action irritates visitors and they go away from your site. 

Another aspect is when someone write a comment on your post and paste a link too. In the future due to any reason he close his website now when another user visits your site and he see his required link in comment section and click the page give 404 error or web page not found. He meets a broken link which is not good for your website ranking and reputation. Which can smitten you in deep torment. Until you not remove or delete these broken links from your website or blog your website ranking will go down and will be counted as a negative website.

After carrying out an incredible SEO of your article or website if you ignore and don't give attention towards broken links it will let your website ranking down in Search Engines. So it is very crucial to make high quality backlinks for your website also focus on broken links deletion to make your ranking better in Search Engines. For this purpose it is very paramount to find broken links and to fix these for best results. It will decrease your website Spam Score and will rank high.

How to find and fix broken links

Follow this short and simple step-by-step procedure to find and fix broken links.

1.  Go to

2.  Search for "broken link checker".

3.  Click the first link in search results.

4.  Write down your website URL net to www..

find and fix broken links

5.  Click "Find broken links".

6.  Solve captcha.

7.  Click "Find broken links now".

How To Find And Fix Broken Links In Blogger?

8.  Now the process is in progress, wait for checking all broken links.

9.  All broken links are now searched and are in front of you.

10. Click "url" and a new page will be opened.

11. Click the "anchor text" it will be redirected to new page and you will see a message as "This site can't be reached". So it has confirmed that this is a broken link which need to be fixed.

12. Remove all broken links one by one.

Broken links makes your website ill and the one and only cure is to remove these links. 

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