How To Fix PS4 Error Code NP-34957-8 Server communication error

PS4 Error NP-34957-8, PS4 NP-34957-8, PlayStation NP-34957-8 — PS4 Error Code NP-34957-8 has been cropping up as of lately, and greets users with the message server communication error. Sony has acknowledged this issue on its official website, revealing it is a cause of maintenance for PSN.

PS4 Error Code NP-34957-8, How To Fix

As outlined by Sony’s official website, the PS4 Error Code NP-34957-8 is very likely down to PSN experiencing maintenance. Indeed, this makes sense as a lot of people have reported the error alongside PSN downtime, specifically where users are unable to log in to their accounts.

This does, however, present a problem in terms of fixes. If PSN is undergoing maintenance, there’s not much you can do really apart from wait until Sony has wrapped up. Fortunately, you can keep an eye on PSN’s status by going here.

In addition, we find that the PSN Down Detector is just as as good (if not more) reliable than Sony’s website.

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