John Wick 5 Officially Announced (Filming With The Fourth Film in 2021)

The John Wick series starring Keanu Reeves is the fourth edition of the series. if there is no setback, the film will be released in 2022. According to the new information, the filming will begin in 2021. The film will also be completed.

Lionsgate's most famous film series, John Wick, will be the fourth in the coming years. he's going to come up with the movie. The film, which has been postponed on vision dates due to coronavirus pandemic, is expected to be released in the last week of May 2022. Lionsgate CEO John Feltheimer, who made important statements about the film series, said both John Wick 4 and John Wick 5 are currently in the script stage, and that the films will be shot back-to-back and released briefly.

"We are busy preparing scripts for both films of john wick 4's action series, which is scheduled to appear in theaters on 2022 Memorial Day," Feltheimer said in a statement. "We hope to shoot both films in a row when Keanu is available early next year," the CEO said, avoiding commenting on the release date of John Wick 5. The film is on the fourth day of filming. considering that it will be done with the film, it will be built in the fifth world. It is not thought that there will be a very large date range between the film and the previous film. 

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