Ubisoft Releases Two-Dimensional Fighting Game Brawlhalla for iOS and Android

Ubisoft, one of the most important figures in the video game industry, came up with a game called Brawlhalla in 2015. Originally developed as a platform game, Brawlhalla offered an impressive fighting game experience for players. The company recently announced that this fun game will come to mobile platforms. The expected day has arrived, and Ubisoft released the mobile version of the popular game Brawlhalla for iOS and Android.

The most important feature of Ubisoft's two-dimensional fighting game, Brawlhalla, is that it offers full cross-platform support. So gamers who access this game from their smartphones and tablets will be among the other players using the PlayStation 4, PC, Nintendo Switch or Xbox One. This feature of Brawlhalla seems to attract mobile gamers into an immersive experience.

Brawlhalla offers players more than 20 game modes. This means that mobile gamers won't get bored easily from Brawlhalla. The game also features beloved heroes such as Ben 10 and Rayman, as well as characters from adventure time. Players have the opportunity to experience more than 50 characters as they wish.

Ubisoft's new mobile game needs at least iOS 11 on the iOS platform, and android 5.0 is in the Android ecosystem. If you have an iPhone, the game takes up 625 MB of space and needs 84 MB of download in the Android ecosystem. If you want to access the mobile version of this popular game immediately, you can use the link below.

Download PlayStore Android 

Download iOS

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