NASA Tells Us What Happens If We Reach 90 Percent of The Speed of Light (Video)

Nasa, which released a new video, explained that if we get too close to the speed of light, they'll happen to us and how long it takes to get to which star or galaxy.

The U.S. National Aeronautics and Space Agency (NASA) recently released a new video from NASA's Goddard YouTube channel. Nasa's Guide to Near-light-speed Travel (NASA's Guide to Travel At Speed close to light speed) explains what we'll encounter if we reach speed sped at speed and how long we can reach popular spots in space.

Before moving on to the content of the video; the speed of light is generally defined as the speed limit of the universe. According to the laws of physics, it is not possible to reach or pass the speed of light. Furthermore, while many studies are being done on this subject, existing technologies do not even allow us to approach the speed of light. That's why NASA's video focuses on what happens when this happens, rather than explaining how the speed of light is approaching.

NASA's first statement on travel at speed surged to 90 percent of the light speed is on the expansion of time. When you reach the speed we're talking about and visit different planets, you're going to have to do what we're talking about. time will start flowing for you slower. That's why when you spend three years on the planet you're on, it's going to be five years on Earth. In such an environment, it will probably be more difficult to solve age problems...

When you start traveling at a speed close to the speed of light, we can imagine an interstellar journey, as even the most remote planet in the solar system will be a few hours away. Even if we travel at a speed of close to the speed of light, it will take us several years to reach proxima centauri, the closest star to the Sun, according to the video.

When we move from interstellar travel to intergalactic travel, it takes millions of years to reach the nearest galaxy, Andromeda. The farthest galaxy to the Milky Way, 32 billion light-years away, takes billions of years, of course.  

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