Apple may have unintentionally shared the iPhone 12 launch date

While Apple's announcement of the iPhone 12 was eagerly awaited, there has been a significant improvement in this issue. Some Twitter users claimed that Apple had created a live streaming event on its YouTube channel for September 10, and that it removed it seconds later. If you look at the visuals, such an event has actually been created.

Apple announces its flagship iPhone models every year in September. Following this announcement, the company is launching its new phones. But the coronavirus outbreak, which occupied most of our lives in 2020, also directly affected Apple. The company also confirmed that the iPhone 12 will be delayed by several weeks this year, the company said recently. However, the delay does not appear to affect Apple's promotional activity.

A Twitter user excited consumers waiting for the iPhone 12 with a live-streaming planner he claimed to have seen on his YouTube page. That's because Apple will hold an event on September 10, which would announce the iPhone 12 series as part of that event. However, the planner created for that event was removed within seconds and never showed up again.

What made this planner even more interesting was that different users made similar notifications. So Apple probably accidentally created something like this, and it was removed right after i realized it. However, there was no comment from the company's front on this matter.

Apple fans have been asking for the introduction of the iPhone 12 for some time. In fact, Apple wants to keep its hand on this issue quickly, but the coronavirus outbreak has turned apple's plans upside down, as with everyone else. The company has so far not commented on the launch date of the iPhone 12, but fans have come up with great expectation for the date of September 10th following this development.

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