How to fix install suspended modern warfare

Call of Duty Modern Warfare received one of its major updates today with the Season 6 update. However, many fans are not able to play the game as they are greeted with a couple of errors. This issue is mostly experienced by people playing on the PS4. While PlayStation Network is one of the most stable platforms out there, it gets some issues from time to time.

The reason for the Modern Warfare error that the PlayStation network is down. So players are not being able to access their games or use online functionality in many of the games. Some players are also not able to see their games in the library altogether. This will likely be fixed very soon. You can check the status of PSN servers here.

  1. Click on the 'Multiplayer' option in the main menu. This should be where you see the 'install suspended' notice.
  2. Go to the 'Game Installs' menu. You'll be redirected there after clicking the Multiplayer option.
  3. Download any packs you haven't downloaded yet. This includes all 'Multiplayer Packs' - all without a blue tick next to them need to be downloaded.
  4. You should be good to go. If you've had to suspend downloads multiple times, you might not have enough storage on your device - delete some games you haven't played in a while or plug in an external hard drive to rectify this.

You may have to exit and re-enter the game to fully install the pack, but once you've done that, you're all ready to rumble!

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