Facebook; Officially United Messenger and Instagram Chats

Facebook continues to work to merge the large platforms it holds. The company's planned unified messaging service for Facebook, Instagram and WhatsApp has been phased out. Facebook Messenger and Instagram DM are united with the new system. Facebook, of course, brings this gradually, as with many of its new features. 

Although the company has officially launched this new system, it has limited it to several countries for now. In fact, the company's plans were first revealed at the beginning of last year. Mark Zuckerberg, CEO of Facebook, claimed by The New York Times, but said the process would take some time. Looks like he's here now. 

Instagram introduced this feature in an update last month. A message showing icons for the two Facebook apps used the phrase "There's a new way to text on Instagram." However, even if you download the update, it is not currently available in our country.

Commenting on the issue, Facebook said, "We combine the Messenger and Instagram experience to bring some of the best Messenger features to Instagram. In this way, no matter which app you use, you will have access to the best messaging experience." Messages from people using Instagram will remain in the Instagram app, Facebook said, the main change is to reach friends on both platforms through a single app. Thanks to the new Messenger experience on Instagram, many new things have been announced soon. Here are some of these innovations: 

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