No Headphones Out of iPhone 12's Box according to iOS 14.2

Apple's release of iOS 14.2 second developer beta revealed important information about iPhone 12s. According to shared information, Apple's wired headphones earpods will not come out of the boxes of iPhone 12s.

Apple's release of iOS 14.2 beta 2 for developers may have leaked some important information about the box content of the next generation of smartphones. According to the information revealed, a small description found in iOS 14.2 shows that Apple has no plans to add EarPods to the box of new iPhones.

Apple used a description of "the Supplied", or "supplied", for headphones in all versions of iOS so far, including iOS 14. In iOS 14.2, this phrase was removed and only the phrase "headset" was seen. In this statement on RF energy; hands-free option for speakers, headphones and similar accessories. Apple's removal of the phrase 'provided' was the most concrete clue that wired headphones could be removed from box content. 

Apple analyst Ming-Chi Kuo announced last May that the box content of iPhone 12s will not contain EarPods, with the company instead considering several promotions to encourage iPhone users to buy AirPods. 

Headphones may not be the only product Apple is considering removing from box content. The company's iPhone 12 series will allegedly not contain power adapters in its box content. If all these claims are true, Apple customers will not have anything new except the phone itself and one USB-C Lightning cable when they purchase an iPhone 12.

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