iPhone 12 Mini's DxOMark Result Announced

DxOMark has announced the camera performance of the iPhone 12 mini, the smallest and cheapest smartphone model in Apple's iPhone 12 series. While the phone got an average score of 122 points in camera performance, the area where it was most successful was in the photo shoot.

DxOMark values ​​for the iPhone 12 mini, Apple's smallest and cheapest smartphone with the A14 Bionic chipset, have been published. When reviewing the phone's camera performance, DxOMark gave the smallest model in the iPhone 12 family an average score of 122 from the scientific camera test. Let us remember that the smartphone with the best camera performance according to DxOMark results is the Huawei Mate 40 Pro + with 139 points.

If we look at the phone's camera performance, we can see that the most successful point is the photo shoots. The iPhone 12 mini managed to get 132 points from photo shoots and 112 points from video recordings. The phone, which stayed low in zoom points because it had a dual camera, managed to get 41 points in that area. Although the phone's poor rating on zoom does affect the overall score, in general we can say that the iPhone 12 mini has a successful performance in terms of camera.

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