WWII-Themed Company of Heroes 3 Announced [Video]

Company of Heroes 3, the newest game in the Company of Heroes franchise, one of the key representatives of real-time strategy games, was announced in a trailer. Focusing on the events of the Second World War in the Mediterranean, the game is also listed on Steam.

"Company of Heroes 3", the newest game in the Company of Heroes series, which we first met in 2006, was officially announced with a shared trailer. Developed by Relic Entertainment and to be released by SEGA, the game focuses on parts of The Second World War on the Mediterranean coast. The real-time strategy game is now available on Steam. 

Company of Heroes 3 is still in development and requires at least 1 year of time to release the game, according to Relic Entertainment. However, in an effort to keep players excited, the developer team made an early Alpha test version of the game available for free. This will allow some players to play the test-phase version of the game until August 2.

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