How to combine videos on iPhone iMovie

In this article will How to combine videos on iPhone devices,iMovie You have multiple scenes of a fast-paced moment or a few beautiful landscape videos you took using your iPhone camera.

You might want to combine multiple videos to share them more easily as a single piece or store them appropriately. iMovie makes it possible to combine several videos on an iPhone or iPad. And as an important additional point, you won't see watermarks in the corner of the video.

Check that iMovie is installed on your device. If not, download it from the App Store. Then open iMovie. 

Select and import two or more videos you want to merge. Tap Create Movie. All selected clips will be transferred to the iMovie app's timeline. Scroll the bottom video ribbon to the top.

Tap the Play Now button. You'll see your videos play one after the other. If you liked the result, you can export it now (see step 8). Follow the next steps to enrich the video with effects.

Gently slide the thin video ribbon. Tap the thaw icon (two triangles facing each other).

Select None so that there is no effect between the videos. If you want to add an effect, tap an effect, and then swipe the video ribbon a little from left to right and press the Play button. You can also add the effect anywhere you want.

Now scroll the video ribbon to the top and tap the Play button to review your video.

Tap Done in the upper-left corner to export the video. Tap the Share icon and choose Save Video. Select a video quality when prompted. The merged final version of your video will be exported and saved to Photos.

This is how you can combine multiple videos using iMovie.

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