How to delete duplicate contacts in iPhone

We have no doubt that most of you already know, although iOS is so advanced, the iPhone still does not allow to delete more than one person at the same time. Undoubtedly, doing this one by one with our hands will be exhausting and time consuming.

Did you know that there are still several ways to delete multiple people on iPhone at the same time? If you don't know, read on to learn about these methods.

You can use a third-party app called Groups to delete a multiple saved contact on your iPhone. After installing the Groups app, you will proceed with the on-screen instructions. We explain this in the following steps:

How to delete more than one contact on iPhone at the same time using "Groups"?

On your iPhone, open the Groups app and tap All Contacts.

Now select the people you want to delete, and then tap Choose Action at the top.

Tap Delete Contacts to confirm your transaction.

Other similar apps are available in the App Store, such as Delete Contacts+, Delete Multiple Phone Contacts, Contacts Multi Remove, and so on.

In addition to installing a third-party application, there are also different methods of deleting multiple people on your iPhone using a Mac or Windows PC. Now let's take a look at these methods one by one.

How to delete more than one contact o iPhone?

For Mac users

Note: The Apple ID on your Mac and iPhone must be the same.

Open the Contacts app on your Mac and select the ones you want to delete.
You can select multiple contacts by shift-clicking.

Once selected, press the Delete button. Confirm when prompted.

If you don't have a Mac and can't access the macOS Contacts app, we'll show you how to delete multiple contacts using the web version of iCloud. Here's how to do it.

For Windows Users

Open Chrome or any other browser you're using and go to Enter your credentials to log in. Then click the Contacts icon.

Select the contacts you want to delete. Press the Delete button on your keyboard and confirm when prompted.

Note: You can do the same using your Mac device. Here are the ways to delete multiple people from iPhone at the same time. 

In our opinion, we think that using iCloud through the web browser is a particularly fast and efficient way.

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