How To Watch Apple's 8 March Event! Apple Will Introduce Brand New Products Tonight! [LIVE ]

It's a big day for Apple. The company will hold its "Peek Performance" event tonight at 10am PST / 1pm EST.  So what new products are we going to meet at this event? How will the event be monitored? Here are the answers to the most curious questions...

US-based tech giant Apple will hold a major event today. At the event with the slogan "Peek Performance", which will start at 10am PST / 1pm EST. we will have the opportunity to meet the company's latest products. So what products will Apple promote at this event? How to watch Apple's activity later Let's all look for answers to these questions.

Apple officials have not said which products they will be promoting as part of the event. However, there are some allegations made so far. For example, rumor has it that the revamped iPhone SE will be introduced at today's event. This phone will be similar in design to the previous generation. But performance improvements and a better battery are likely. According to predictions, we will also see a new 5G modem on the next generation iPhone SE.

Apple has been coming up with computers with self-made processors for some time. Today's event may also be important in this respect. Nothing is certain, but tonight we can meet one or more new Macs with refurbished processors. But it's a surprise at the moment what series this computer will be from. MacBook Pro, Mac Mini, MacBook Air, Mac Pro or iMac Pro can perform at today's event.

Here are the products Apple can introduce tonight:

  • iPhone SE
  • iPad Air
  • A new Mac
  • iOS 15.4 update
  • Universal Control (It works to use common keyboards and mice on all Apple devices.)

How to watch Apple Peek Performance activity

Apple's event, which begins tonight at 9 p.m., will be available to watch for free on YouTube or Apple's website. If you don't want to use YouTube, you can access Apple's Peek Performance event page via the link here. Our followers who want to watch the event on YouTube can use the video below immediately. 

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