How to completely reset iPhone Device

How to reset iPhone? Factory reset with iPhone completely reset

Performance problems are often the main reasons for restoring an iPhone device to factory settings. After prolonged use, the device's memory is filled, viruses or systemic failures lead to slowdowns and contractions in the devices after a certain time. This reveals the need to reset iPhone devices.

In addition, users are doing the same to sell existing iPhone devices and delete all your personal information from the device. So how to factory reset on iPhone devices? We explained it in detail in our article.

How to completely reset iPhone Device

We strongly recommend that you back up all your data before starting the process of restercing your iPhone device to factory settings. This allows you to restore your important information after the reset is complete without losing it. You can easily use iCloud or iTunes for backup. To do this, go to iCloud > Backup > Settings. Then make sure iCloud backup option is turned on.

Check under "Back Up Now" to see when your device was last backed up here. If your device has been backed up before, it's fine. However, if your device has not been backed up before, click "Back Up Now" to back up your data to iCloud manually. This will back up your data to iCloud.

If you are resetting your device to sell to someone else, don't forget to log out of your iCloud account and turn off the "Find My Phone" service. If you sell your phone without log out of iCloud, the recipient will need your Apple ID and password when they reset the iPhone. This will cause serious problems.

If you followed all the steps before factory resetting your iPhone device, you are ready for the reset process. To do this, go to Reset Settings > General >. You will then see the options " Reset All Settings " and " Delete All Content and Settings ". From here, if you just want to delete the settings of the phone, click the first one, if you want to delete all the files in it, click the second one.

You will then be prompted to enter your password to start the deletion process, then your device will ask you to confirm that you want to delete everything. Click "Delete" to confirm. This process will take a few minutes depending on how much data you store on your iPhone. After the deletion process is complete, your device will start in a new way, such as the day it was first received.

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