Netflix is the 2nd season of the beloved series Squid Game. Officially Announces Your Season!

Netflix officially announced the second season of its popular series Squid Game, which was released last year and managed to be on the agenda in social media, with an 'invitation card' shared on Twitter.

Netflix manages to popularize the vast majority of its original series to its users, and the reason is obvious: Many of them are really high-quality productions. Squid Game is one of them. With its first season aired during the pandemic, Squid Game fell into the language of all social media.

Season 2 of Squid Game, which deals with games where people who have troubles in their lives are invited through a person they meet and try to be the last survivor to win the big cash prize when they go, was eagerly awaited. The expected news came and Netflix officially announced.

Netflix officially announced the arrival of the 2nd season of the popular series Squid Game with the video shared from its Twitter account. The video features the baby from the first game in the series, 'Green light – Red light'.

That's not the only announcement. As you know, if someone wants to join Squid Game in the series, they have to look for the number on the card with round, triangle and square shapes on it. For the show's season 2 announcement, Netflix shared a card-themed image.

That image reads: "Soon, Gi-hun returns. So is the Ship Lion. Get ready for season 2. Don't be surprised if you see the man in the suit playing the docks again. You'll also meet Young-hee's boyfriend, Cheol-su." 

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