Samsung advertises iPhone 'accidentally'

Samsung came to the agenda with the poster he prepared recently. The app, called Samsung Members, 'accidentally' advertised by posting images with the notch used in iPhone models. Samsung users, who noticed this situation in a short time, carried the issue to social media.

Apple ad from Samsung: iPhone notched image shared

Samsung has been subjected to a barrage of criticism due to the image shared on the community forum as well. The shared image does not match the notch design of any Samsung model.

A user who posted a thread on Samsung's forum said, "It seems that there are some Samsung Electronics employees who do not use Samsung phones." Another user who criticized the image said, "Judging by the size of the bezel and notch, it looks like the iPhone X, XS and 11 Pro models."

Commenting on the matter, the Galaxy Store official said, "The person responsible made a mistake in the process of editing and modifying the source file of the design. The banner image in the app will be changed and updated today. Thank you for your interest in the Galaxy service. We will try to serve you better."

The banner was later changed to show a phone with a centered hole, very similar to the Galaxy S22 series. Stating that this error is not the first on the Samsung side, analysts underlined that the company has previously praised the Oppo Find N model in the introduction of the foldable phone. It's also worth remembering that Samsung has Tweeted with the iPhone several times.

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