Survival Mode Has Arrived in the Elden Ring: Here Are All the What's New [Video]

The survival mode for Elden Ring is available today. Created by an independent developer, Survival Mode will offer players an Elden Ring experience they have never seen before.

There has been an important development related to the game Elden Ring, which has been expected for a long time and released as of recent months. A mod developer named Grimrukh announced that the survival mode prepared for Elden Ring will be released today. With this mode, players will have added a survival feature to the RPG experience in Elden Ring.

According to the statement made by the developer, the mode called "Survival Mode" will offer some innovations to the players. For example, in this mode, you will have to produce food to satisfy the character's hunger and thirst. There will also be brand new materials to make your own weapons. But that's not all the mode offers. Grimrukh, who explained that the night times are really dark, announced that there will be diseases specific to the regions in the game and that special treatment methods will need to be developed for these diseases.

A broadcast will take place tonight for the mod prepared by the independent developer for Elden Ring. This launch, which will be carried out by Elden Ring player Lobosjr, who has more than 500 thousand followers, will also represent the release of the mode. Survival Mode will meet players immediately after the broadcast on Twitch.

Grimrukh made a post on Twitter for the mode he created. This share also includes a trailer that shows what the mode offers. Reminding that the PC version price of the game released for PC, PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, Xbox Series X, Xbox Series S and Xbox One is 500 TL, let's leave you alone with the trailer prepared for Survival Mode.

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