The era of paid membership on Snapchat: Snapchat Plus is coming!

Snapchat, which has been in our lives since 2011, intends to keep its hand strong against its competitors. The company, which brings various innovations to the application, is preparing to bring a paid membership system in the near future. Snapchat will provide early access to new features to its users with its paid subscription system.

Snapchat Plus will offer many privileges

Snapchat has announced that they have begun early-stage testing of a new subscription service, Snapchat Plus. It seems that with Snapchat Plus, users will get a number of features that other subscribers do not have. In addition, subscribed users will be able to access some features much earlier.

Snapchat Plus users will be able to tag a friend as "#1 BFF" [best friends forever]. Plus users will also carry a badge on their profile. Users will also have the ability to see their friends' locations within the last 24 hours if they allow it.

Snapchat Plus' privileges include learning how many times stories have been watched by whom. This feature can be especially noticeable as it becomes available for some users. According to Twitter user Alessandro Paluzzi, Snapchat Plus subscription will be 4.59 euros per month or 45.99 euros per year.

The paid subscription systems that social media companies have recently launched seem to be becoming increasingly widespread. The subscription system called Twitter Blue started to be offered in the US with a monthly fee of $ 3. Finally, Telegram also announced that it would launch a premium subscription system.

Snapchat's paid membership system seems to be at the beginning of the test phase for now. The features and price of this system may change in the coming days. So what do you think about Snapchat Plus and the membership system? You can share your opinions with us in the comments section. 

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