Eyes on the US for the standard USB-C port! The era of Lighting Cable is coming to an end.

The world's largest technology companies offer the charging ports of their devices such as smartphones and tablets to the market with their own designs. In this area, iPhones with Lightning input are the first products that come to mind. However, this difference seems to be a thing of the past. The standard USB-C port is also on the agenda in the US after Europe

The European Union (EU) is reaping the rewards of long-standing efforts to bring in the standard USB-C port. With the vote held on June 7, it was decided that there would be a common USB-C connection in products such as smartphones and tablets on sale in Europe.

This decision, which was welcomed throughout the world, is now on the agenda of the United States. The standard USB-C port was brought up by two U.S. Senators. The senators sent a letter to the Commerce Department calling for the same policy to be implemented. In the call letter, the following statements were made.

The European Union (EU) has approved a major law that mandates electronics manufacturers to adopt a common charger for mobile devices across the EU. First, we commend the Department of Commerce for the steps it has taken to address these issues. We invite you to follow the EU's lead by developing a comprehensive strategy to address unnecessary consumer costs, reduce e-waste and restore wisdom and certainty to the new electronics procurement process.


The EU's standard USB-C port policy will come into force in 2024. Of course, the first name that comes to mind in this regard is Apple. On the other hand, with this policy, the status of iPhones is also curious. Important sources sharing information about smartphones say that Apple accepts the situation. 

Apple will offer the standard USB-C port port to Europe with the iPhone 15 series. Details on the matter have not yet been clarified. On the other hand, this initiative of the US can completely change Apple's policy. So much so that in the future, Apple's unique Lightning entry may be history.


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