iOS 16.1 Beta 2 released! Design and performance improvements on the way

With the iOS 16 update released in recent weeks, iPhones have gained many new features. But as with every new version, iOS 16 has come with some bugs and shortcomings. Luckily aware of these problems, Apple has started working and released the new beta of 16.1. So what has changed with this version? Here are the details...

What's changed with iOS 16.1 Beta 2?

While the new features that came with the released iOS 16 update attracted great attention, Apple released the second beta update for 16.1. With this release, performance improvements and problem fixes entered our lives, while the biggest cosmetic change that stood out was the design change in the battery indicator. At the same time, the lock screen started to show the battery percentage during recharging.

In addition, the battery indicator has been made even more colorful, understandable. When you activate the feature to show the charge percentage, you will now see a different icon when charging the phone and you will be able to tell that your phone is charging.

Finally, when the screen is turned on, the battery indicator will be visible on the lock screen, even for a short time, where the date is located right on the watch. The battery level, which will disappear after a few seconds, may not be permanent. Changes to this design are expected in the near future.

The battery indicator is currently only available in iOS 16.1 beta test. There's also a public beta version that non-developers can test, but the battery feature hasn't been added yet. The public beta, which is expected to be released in the coming days, will come with the battery status feature.

iOS 16 introduces many innovations. The most notable of these innovations was the lock screen, which can be more customized. You can select an object from a picture on your lock screen and create a more beautiful image by placing it on the clock. In addition, it's worth noting that you can now select more than one lock screen.


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