New Features Coming to iPhones with iOS 16

The new version to be released for iPhone brings many useful new features for iPhone users. Among the main features of the operating system were the edits made to the lock screen and features such as the emergency button. Let's look at all the innovations that will come with iOS 16.

The lock screen of iPhones has been redesigned:

iPhone screens are now completely changing the lock screen with iOS 16. First, there will be a depth mode on your wallpaper. If you have a face or person on your wallpaper, it will stay in front of the posts like clockwork.

You will now be able to add widgets to your lock screens. These widgets include shortcuts like a calendar app, weather, and to-do lists. In addition, you can make multiple lock screens, not just a single lock screen diagram, and change between them. There is even an artificial intelligence system that allows you to choose wallpaper.

Now notifications on the lock screen that are more than enough to turn off that wallpaper of yours are a thing of the past. Notifications will appear in bulk at the bottom of the screen. Finally, there will now be a Live Activities section on the lock screen. Thanks to this feature, you will be able to follow live matches, enlarge your music menu or follow your progress from the lock screen.

iOS 16 Messages app is getting like social media:

Apple's Messages application will be one of the applications that will experience a big change with iOS 16. The Messages app will host brand new features, especially when it comes to dictation. 

In the Messages app, you'll now be able to edit sent messages. Thanks to a new feature called SharePlay, you'll be able to remotely watch TV shows, listen to music, and more.

The Dictation feature, now available in the Messages app, will automatically add punctuation marks to your sentences. When you start dictating, the keyboard now stays on and you can switch back to typing at any time. It supports this dictation feature from Apple's Neural Engine and makes it easy to switch between touch typing and dictation.

Apple Wallet just got more modern

Apple Wallet now lets you share digital hotel keys with others, including Android users. Apple Wallet's contactless payment feature is being enabled for merchants whose products want to accept payments from iPhone.

Apple's Maps app redesigned

Apple's Maps app has been redesigned. With the redesigned Map application, a detailed city plan of 11 countries, including France, Switzerland and New Zealand, will be added to the application.

With the new 'Multiple Stops' route system, you can set up to 15 stops on the route you have determined and these routes go to the 'Recently Drawn Routes' tab and you can reuse these routes at any time. You can organize and send these multi-stop routes to your iPhone from your Mac, and use Siri to add new stops to your route while in Apple CarPlay.

New tab to Apple News for sports fans My Sports

With Apple's latest iPhone operating system, iOS 16, a new tab is coming to Apple News. This tab is called My Sports. In this section you will be able to follow the news, fixtures and details of the sports, leagues or teams of your choice. In addition, as we mentioned, you can add this section to your lock screen as a live activity.

Family sharing will now be much more detailed

With the changes coming to Family Sharing, you'll be able to manage the accounts you've created for your kids much more easily. You'll be able to set up parental control more quickly in the new Family Sharing app, where you can make restrictions by age.

When you turn on a new iPhone device and put your own iPhone next to it, you will get a 'Quick start' screen where you can set up a new device for your child. Now, in Family Sharing, when your child exceeds screen time and requests more time, you'll be able to reply to it in the Message app. As your child grows, the Family Checklist options will also be updated.

With iOS 16, your security will be more important

iOS 16 comes with a new feature called Security Checkup. Thanks to this tool, the Personal Safety of users will be protected. As you know, in many relationships today, people easily share their passwords and locations with each other, but this can often become a problem.

With Apple's new Emergency button, you can cut off access to all accounts. This prevents your location from being shared with people you don't want and from accessing your accounts. In addition, when you press this button, your iCloud accounts that are open on all other devices are closed and you do not receive messages from the Messages application from people you do not want.

iOS 16 also brings changes to Live Text

Many new features have come to the Live Text feature. You can now use Live Text in videos. You can pause a video and copy its text from there. Most importantly, just like Google Translate, you can now do live translations with the camera in the Translate app.

With Special Access Tokens, you'll be able to bypass CAPTCHAs

Many new features have come to the Live Text feature. You can now use Live Text in videos. You can pause a video and copy its text from there. Most importantly, just like Google Translate, you can now do live translations with the camera in the Translate app.

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