Apple Has Announced When the First iPhone with USB Type-C Will Be Released 'At the Latest'

In a news story we shared with you about a month ago, we mentioned a decision of the European Union that concerns Apple the most. According to this decision, Apple would have to use USB Type-C input in iPhone and iPad models. This decision marked the end of the road for the lightning connector, which Apple has been adopting for years. 

Now there has been a remarkable development on the subject. Apple officials who attended the conference called "Tech Live" held by The Wall Street Journal made statements about the decision. In a statement made by Apple marketing leader Greg Joswiak, it was announced when iPhones with USB Type-C input will be released. In addition, Apple did not hold back from criticizing the European Union's decision.

The first iPhone with USB Type-C input will probably be the iPhone 16!

"Obviously we will have to comply with this decision, we have no choice." According to the law, USB Type-C should be used as of the fall of 2024." Greg Joswiak, who used his statements, announced when the new era for Apple will begin. Looking at the statement made, we can say that Apple will start using USB Type-C as of iPhone 16 'at the latest'. But it is not clear whether this will be limited to Europe. The Wall Street Journal also asked about this, but did not receive a response.

Greg Joswiak, although he said that they had to comply with the decision, is not very happy with the imposition. The Apple executive says that the cables already have a removable structure, so the same charger can be used in multiple products. In addition, according to Joswiak, the transition to USB Type-C will cause a lot of e-waste.

According to the claim revealed by TrendForce, Apple will not wait for the iPhone 16 to switch to USB Type-C, and the iPhone 15, which will be introduced next year, will have a Type-C input. Although Apple has not confirmed this claim, we can take you to our news below for details.

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