Apple is preparing for a design change with the iPhone 16 Pro!

Smartphone manufacturers have been using notch and hole design for camera and sensors on their devices for a long time. On the other hand, while the studies on the under-screen sensor and camera technology are continuing, some brands such as Samsung have already started to use this system. We know that most companies also want to transfer this technology to their phones as soon as possible.

Apple may also start using this system on its own phones soon. According to the claims made, Apple will hide the Face ID sensor of the iPhone 16 and iPhone 16 Pro Max models under the screen. However, it is stated that the camera will remain visible as on other Android phones for a while. Thus, iPhone models can appear on the screen with only a small camera hole.

On the other hand, Apple's ultimate goal is to completely eliminate the camera hole as well as Face ID. It is said that the perforated camera design on the screen, which is expected to come with the iPhone 16 Pro models, will only be a transition process.

Samsung is already using the under-screen camera technology in the Galaxy Fold 4 model. However, it is worth saying that the camera is obvious under the screen and the shooting quality is lower than expected. Apple, on the other hand, probably won't start using this technology until it is perfected.

We don't know yet when Apple will take the step of under-screen camera technology, but it has started to be loudly said that the Face ID sensors will be moved to the bottom of the screen in the iPhone 16 Pro models.

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