Apple will start producing its own screens

Apple cooperates with many companies on the components used in the products. For example, the screens used in the company's iPhone, iPad and Apple Watch and Mac series are manufactured by companies such as Samsung, BOE and LG. The US company, which has started to gradually terminate its display partnership with Samsung at the moment, will start pulling its own rope from the coming years.

A recent report revealed that the main display supplier of the standard and Plus models of the upcoming iPhone 15 series is BOE with 70 percent. At this point, the partnership between Apple and Samsung also began to Decelerate gradually. A new report from Bloomberg today claimed that the US-based firm will start producing its own screens very soon.

Of course, this situation will not happen at once. Because the report says that the company will start offering its own panels to users with high-end Apple Watch models by the end of 2024 at the earliest. Even at this point, it is highly likely that micro LED displays will come instead of the existing OLED panels.

Apple's work on developing its own display was first revealed in 2018. It was even expected that the company would introduce screens of its own production in 2020, but it was postponed due to the costs and technical difficulties associated with the development. However, it seems that the company does not want to wait any longer for the display and aims to minimize the commitment to display suppliers, i.e. third-party companies, in a few years.

Bloomberg's report says that the company's work on producing its own screens is one of the very critical projects. For the time being, it is expected to receive assistance from a supplier for the mass production of new screens that are being tested on the Apple Watch Ultra model at its facilities in Santa Clara, California. If this happens, Apple screens will start to appear in Apple Watch models first and then in products such as iPhone in a few years.

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