Apple Watch this time saved the life of a pregnant woman and her baby

We have shared with you the news that Apple Watch has saved lives in many ways so far, and we are here with such a news.A 39-year-old pregnant woman living in the United States was wearing an Apple Watch, thereby saving her life and the life of the baby in her womb.39 is considered a risky age for pregnancy. 

Therefore, the pregnant woman tried to survive her pregnancy without making movements that would increase her blood pressure.But while he was lying in bed, the Apple Watch warned him that his blood pressure was decreasing.

Pregnant woman, ignoring the warning the first time, got worried and went to the hospital after 2 more warnings in a row. I'm glad she did, because if she hadn't gone to the hospital, she might have died first, and then her baby.

When she arrived on the stage, it was understood that the pregnant woman had birth pains a few hours earlier. The woman's blood pressure dropped because she lost blood due to a pregnancy problem known as placental abruption. The woman was immediately put into labor and gave birth to her baby in good health.

Without an Apple Watch that detects that blood pressure has dropped, both the woman and her baby may not be alive.

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