When is the iOS 16.3 update coming? Countdown

Apple's iOS 16.3 software update seems to focus on some of the issues that users are having. The error of accidentally triggering emergency calls, especially on the iPhone 14 series, was annoying for many users. It is stated that this issue will be resolved with the next update.

Of course, the most important situation for many users is that the screen error on the iPhone 14 Pro Max is eliminated. In recent weeks, a user named Thandava Krishna TK has shared on social media that green and yellow horizontal lines appear on the screen when the phone is turned on. Then a huge number of users announced that they had similar problems.

Apple recently announced in a joint note that the problem is caused by a hardware vulnerability and that they are working on a solution. Apple had confirmed that an iOS update will be released soon to fix the problem. With iOS 16.3, it is announced that this problem will disappear.

There were also complaints that Siri had some problems with music playback and requests from CarPlay. The company is also addressing this problem with the new update. On the other hand, it is planned to gradually distribute iOS 16.3 in it from next week.

Another innovation introduced with the new iOS update was security keys for the Apple ID. Security Keys for Apple ID provides a physical security key during two-factor authentication. This security key allows you to add another layer of security to your Apple ID account.

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