Siri and GPT-3 combined: Smart home assistant that understands everything you say (VIDEO)

A developer has combined OpenAI's GPT-3 technology with Siri to create a surprisingly realistic smart home assistant. He has also released a video showing what the assistant is capable of in the future.

ChatGPT, developed by OpenAI, has been on the global agenda for several months. Using GPT-3 technology, the chatbot could answer anything they asked. Now, a developer has shown how this kind of technology can contribute to smart home devices and voice assistants.

Developer Mate Marcshalko combined GPT-3 with Apple's Siri voice assistant to create a surprisingly intelligent home assistant. He also used Apple's 'Shortcuts' app. Marcshalko published the result in a video on Reddit.

Shared video shows how the developer uses HomeKit to control smart home devices via Siri. It's also worth noting that Assistant can even respond to commands that Siri would normally have trouble answering. The developer says he uses Apple's 'shortcuts' to create the interface between Siri, GPT-3 and HomeKit-enabled smart devices.

For example, Marcshalko told the voice assistant in the video: "I noticed that I recorded this video in the dark in the office, can you do something about it? "we'll see what you say. After this sentence, the artificial intelligence immediately turns on the light. As a result, the developer asks the assistant to adjust the temperature of his room "so he can sleep." Surprisingly, the artificial intelligence also adjusts the temperature accordingly.

Resulting demo showed us how voice assistants can improve in the future when combined with next-generation artificial intelligence models like GPT-3. Of course, it must be said that the system is not perfect. According to the developer, API requests for GPT-3 cost $0.014. So, using this smart home assistant is not as free as Siri.

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