New feature from WhatsApp to improve privacy (Proxy Server)

WhatsApp, the most widely used messaging application in the world, has taken action for countries where internet censorship is enforced. Meta, who stated that they attach importance to privacy in the WhatsApp application, announced that they will allow the use of a proxy server.

Meta, who published a blog post on the subject, heralded that they will activate the proxy connection feature against internet censorship in countries such as Iran. Proxy servers, which work just like a VPN service, will increase the privacy of sensitive information, especially messages.

A proxy server service will be offered by voluntary organizations that want to help people communicate freely. Underlining that privacy will increase, the company said that messages sent through the proxy server will also be stored end-to-end encrypted.

Analysts speculate that Meta developed its new feature due to WhatsApp and Instagram apps that were recently banned in Iran. Users facing similar restrictions in many parts of the world will be able to continue messaging securely via WhatsApp.

WhatsApp has also put together a guide for users who are interested in creating their own proxy servers for their friends and family. Users will be able to find the new option by going to the Storage and Date settings within WhatsApp.

Proxy server support will soon be available for iPhone and Android users. It is not yet known whether the new feature will work on WhatsApp Web and desktop.

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